Thursday, June 14, 2018

June Potluck

In a few short days please join us, as we gather once more before the fall, for our annual AQG Potluck extravaganza πŸ˜€.  Bring along your favourite dish, it can be a salad, casserole, dessert, whatever strikes your fancy!  We will start our meeting at 6:30pm so that we have more time to socialize with one another.

We have wonderful activities planned for the evening as well.  The Sharpening Shoppe will be in the parking lot to revitalize your knives, scissors and rotary cutters.  For ease and to keep things organized, we ask that you safely place your items in a bag with your name on it and the correct change.  As a refresher, please find the price list below:

Household Items (Taxes Included in Price Below)
- Knives $1-$5 (Kitchen knives priced on size and condition; Small paring knives $1; Large Chef Knives $4-$5; Repairs to blade, tip reforming $1-$2 extra)
- Scissors $3-$8 (Small embroidery scissors $3; Sewing/Kitchen scissors $4; Tailor Shears 6"-8" blades $5-$6; Large Tailor Shears 8"+ $7-$8)
- Olfa Blades ~$3 
- Pinking Shears $7 

Garden Tools (Taxes Included in Price Below)
- Riding Mower Blade $12-$14 per blade (These blades must be removed from the mower unit and will be priced on condition of the blades.)
- Grass/Pruning Shears $4-$5 
- Hatchets & Axes $5-$8 (Hatchets $8; Axes $6; Splitting Maul $8)
- Edger/Hoe/Shovel $5-$8
-Scythe/Machette $8

We will have a Shop on Showcase, Jan from The Pickle Dish will be joining us with some fresh new things from her shop.

We will also have our rousing round of Fat Quarter Poker, so bring those 3 Fat Quarters you had in mind to gamble with in May and you can join a table for some fun.

We will have our President's Challenge Postcard presentation.  Bring in your postcards and vote for your favourite...there will be a special prize for the viewer's choice πŸ˜‰

Last but not least, to keep you motivated to sew over the summer, our wonderful Librarian Jean, has come up with a UFO challenge.  Please see a special message from her:

There are many names for those unfinished quilt projects we all have stashed in our closets, under the bed or in drawers or bags…WIPs (works in progress), UFOs (unfinished objects), NFUFO (nearly finished UFOs), BBUFO (barely begun UFOs), PIPS (projects in process), WISPs (works in slow progress), WIVPs (works in very slow progress), PIGs (projects in grocery bags). Any quilting project you may have started (must have some cutting or sewing done by you already) but for one reason or another we put them aside to finish at another time. Wouldn’t it be nice to see those quilt projects completed instead of hiding them away for a few more years? We have a challenge for you!!! 
Here are the rules. They’re simple. Write down the names of those unfinished projects on a numbered list.  Make 2 copies of the list and hand one copy in at the UFO table at the June meeting.                 
For each finished registered UFO you bring to the September meeting you will receive a free raffle ticket for the first quilt kit of the Guild year.  If it is a gift that you will not have in September please bring a picture. A "finish" is defined as removing a UFO from your stack of incomplete projects. 

So members lets start looking in those closets or under those beds and finds some projects we can finish over the next three months!

I am looking forward to our fun-filled night and seeing you all there!
Have a fabulous weekend!

P.S. - Don't forget about our next all-inclusive guild retreat at Inspired Getaways from November 2-4th.  If you are interest bring your deposit ($285) for a chance to win the Early Bird Draw in September.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Postcards! Postcards! Postcards!

Just a few weeks left to get your postcards created for our President's challenge πŸ˜€

The theme for the challenge is "Holidays".  So that includes, but is not limited to, Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Anniversary, etc.

I ran a little tutorial of sorts at one of our Sew-In days at the CP Legion.  I created some "Coles/Ziai Notes" for how to create one as a cheater sheet.  Here's what it said:

→ Sturdy Interfacing (ex. TimTex or Peltex)
→ Batting
→ Muslin
→ Fabric
→ Coordinating threads
→ Fine-tip Permanent Marker

How To:
1. Cut a 4"x6" rectangle from your interfacing.
2. Cut (2) 4 ½"x 6 ½" rectangles from your batting.
3. Cut (1) 4 ½"x 6 ½" rectangle from your desired fabric.
4. Layer in the following order, rights sides facing up: Interfacing - Batting - Fabric
5. Quilt as desired.
6. Flipping your postcard over so you see the interfacing, trim off excess batting and fabric so that your card now measures 4" x 6".
7. Cut muslin for backing using your postcard as a template.  Be very careful not to cut into your prepared postcard.
8. Layer another piece of batting and your muslin.
9. Satin stitch around the border of the postcard.  Note: I went around twice because I found it gave it a much more finished look and hid the "gaps" nicely.
10. Write the address lines on the back of the postcard.
11. It's now ready for that special someone!

If you like something visual, here is a video that is also very helpful from Man Sewing:

It can be as simple or as embellished as you like! Bring them with you to our June meeting so that we can put them on display and have a little Viewer's Choice awardπŸ˜€

Have Fun!

Monday, May 14, 2018

May Meeting

It feels like forever since we've gathered, so I am really looking forward to our next meeting!  This month is our Annual General Meeting(AGM) and Elections, we have the Quilting Quarters coming as our Shop on Showcase and of course our Fat Quarter Poker will be held as well.  So bring 3 fat quarters to participate in the poker game, it's always a lot of fun and you just might be the lucky one to leave with an armful of new fat quarters for your stash!

At our Annual General meeting we will be holding elections for the following positions: 
Membership Coordinator
Workshop Coordinator

We will also be looking to fill the following volunteer positions:
Charity Quilts

Please consider being a part of the wonderful Executive team of volunteers who make our guild possible.  It is an excellent way to meet fellow members and work at keeping our guild full of fresh ideas.

The current Executive has just completed making a few changes to the Constitution this year, so it will be voted upon by our members at the AGM.  If you wish to review a copy of the constitution prior to the meeting, please email us at

If you are joining us for the Bus Trip to Kingston on June 9th, please bring your $35 payment on Monday and/or if you are planning on attending the November Retreat you can bring along your deposit of $142.50 as well.

Finally, here are some important dates to keep in mind:

May 16th - Touch Quilt Workshop at Carleton Place Legion
May 21st - AGM and Fat Quarter Poker Night at Almonte Civitan Club
May 24th - Sew-in Day at Textile Traditions
June 9th - Kingston Quilt Show Bus Trip
June 18th - Potluck and Tool Sharpening

Enjoy the sunshine and I hope you have a wonderful long weekend, safe travels to those hitting the roads to see friends or family.  See you all on the 21st!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Grab a Tea or Coffee....lots to share!

As Spring arrives, things seem to move a little faster and get a little busier and that is certainly the case with our Guild over the next couple of months.  We have some wonderful events to catch you up on, so please get comfortable and have a read.

For starters, our next meeting is just around the corner and on Monday, April 16th we have the organization TEMBO coming to speak to us and sell their wares.  We will also have two wonderful ladies join us from our sister guild the Common Thread Quilt Guild to sell tickets in advance for their upcoming show May 11th - 13th.  They will be selling full-weekend tickets for only $10, it is a sale price they are offering to members of all their sister guilds!  So throw an extra $10 in your wallet before coming Monday and SAVE...who doesn't love a bargain!! 😍

Our guild will also be hosting some weekend sew-in days at the Carleton Place Legion in April and May.  The first one will be Saturday, April 28th from 9am - 4pm.  I will be there that day demonstrating (9am - 11am) how to make postcards in case you need some help or advice in getting your President Challenges completed before June. Otherwise, all you need to bring is your lunch, projects, sewing machines and notions for a fun day of quilting with friends.  The second weekend sew-in day is scheduled for Sunday, May 27th also from 9am - 4pm.  If you are interested in either of those dates, please sign up with our VP Jen at our next meeting.

Don't forget, we also have our scheduled weekday sew-in days happening at Textile Traditions from 1-4pm, the next date is Thursday, April 26th.  The Fidget Quilt Workshops are also continuing this month at the Carleton Place Legion and this month's date is Wednesday, April 18th from 1-4pm.  Kits are provided to you, so just bring along your sewing machine and sewing notion kit.

Our wonderful Program Coordinator, Jane, has booked the next guild retreat at Inspired Getaways for November 2 -4, 2018.  It is an all-inclusive retreat, so all meals are prepared for you!  There are only 11 spots available and the cost is $285.  To reserve your spot, bring a cheque made out to Almonte Quilters Guild for $142.50.  As an added bonus, if you reserve your spot before the end of this year's guild season (June meeting), your name will be entered into an early bird draw for a special prize!

We have kept Jane very busy lately as she has also booked a bus trip for us to the Quilts Kingston Show and Sale on Saturday, June 9th.  For $35, grab the bus with us to Kingston to see the show and perhaps do a bit of shopping too.  More details to follow, but for now mark the date on your calendar and register with Jane at our next meeting.

We have also confirmed that the Sharpening Shoppe will be joining us at our June 18th meeting 😊  Here are John's prices for the night:

Scissors $4
Thread snips $3
Olfa cutters $3 small / $4 lrg
Knives $1 or $3 (paring knives $1 all others $3)
Single handed garden shears $4
Two handed garden shears $5
Lawn mower blades $10 (off machine only)
All other items can be priced from his web page but will not be sharpened on site, carbide blades, pushmowers and other tooling can be taken back to his shop and picked up a later date.

To make things easy for John, we ask that you put your items in a bag with your name on it.  If exact change could also be included in the bag, this will give John more time to focus on sharpening.  We'll chat more about that at our next meeting.

On an exciting note, we have commenced some plans for our next Almonte Quilters Guild Quilt Show!!  We have booked the Almonte Civitan Club for the weekend of September 7th and 8th, 2019!!  Jen Swallow and I will be co-chairing the Guild Show committee, so please think about joining us as we will be looking for volunteers to help with various parts of the show.  We will not be able to do it without you and appreciate any amount of time you are able to dedicate to this amazing event. 

Finally, I know you have all heard about the tragic event that took the lives of many of the members of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team.  As a mom of two active kids and an athlete who road the bus with my teammates to many tournaments and games at their age, my heart wept for the families, first responders, doctors and community affected by this major loss.  I also felt helpless, until I saw the #QuiltsForBroncos movement running through the quilting community.  Some of our local shops will be hosting an event or taking in finished blocks so they can be made into quilts for the countless people who need to know they are not alone in this.  From the time of this post, I know Textile Traditions, Happy Wife Quilting and The Quilting Quarters are all finding ways to contribute to this call for blocks.  If you wish to participate, please contact the stores directly.  The blocks are to be made with the team colors (medium green, dark green, gold, black and white) and the layout for construction of the block is as follows:

I think I've given you enough to ponder for now, we will be able to chat more about all the events at our next meeting and answer any questions you may have.  In the meantime, if you are looking for something to do or a reason to go for a drive, check out all the Quilt Shows coming up on our Workshop & Quilt Shows page on the blog.  Lots going on with some of our sister guilds!

Yours in quilting,

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

February Meeting

Monday, February 19th is  Family Day in Ontario so why not come and spend some time with your quilting family as well.  Our next meeting is scheduled for that evening at 7pm as usual despite the holiday.

We will have Wendy Foster-Birch coming in to do a wonderful thread presentation. Wendy will be speaking about types of threads used in quilting projects like cotton, polyester, metallic.  Also, she will be discussing the different weights and needle sizes and when, how and where to use each type.  She will have a wonderful trunk show to share with us that incorporates the different threads she uses.  Wendy will have threads available for sale as well.

We will also have a Shop On Showcase (SOS) on Monday.  Mad About Patchwork will be coming in to sell some of the goodies appearing in her store these days.  So bring you cash and credit!

At our executive meeting last Tuesday, we had a lot to discuss as there are wonderful things coming up for our guild.  Here are some important points we would like to share with you:
  • On Saturday, February 24th from 9am - 4pm at the Carleton Place Legion we will be holding an AQG members only quilting day.  It is a chance to bring in your machine, your project(s), lunch and snacks to spend the day socializing and enjoying the company of other members.  For those interested, Angela is willing to do a small demonstration on how to make postcards so you can get a head start on the President's Challenge.  A fee of $10 is required but all proceeds are being donated to Quilts of Valour Canada.
  • In March, we will be hosting our first Bed Turning as the program.  In order to make this night a success we need quilts and stories from our members.  It could be anything from a vintage family heirloom quilt to a quilt that may have the top done only but has a really good story to go with it (perhaps why it hasn't been completed yet πŸ˜‰).  We will have narrators to read your story so there is no need to worry about coming up and presenting anything if that makes you uncomfortable.  Please consider sharing your story! Not familiar with a bed turning but would like to know more...just follow the following links:
  • Our fellow members Carolynn Parsons and Inga Scanlan have been very busy putting together a weekend retreat at Providence Point, Lanark, Ontario.  It will be taking place Thursday March 1, 2018 - Sunday March 4, 2018.  For $225, including taxes, meals and accommodations, you can enjoy some time away from home and focus on your sewing projects.  They have lots of fun planned and prizes too!  The first 20 people to have their cheques to Carolynn or Inga will be able to participate. Reserve your spot by contacting either Carolynn or Inga.
  • Finally, our favourite subject...elections!  This year the positions of President and Secretary are up for election.  Please take the next few months to think about joining the executive committee in either of these roles.  It is an opportunity to help run our fantastic guild from behind the scenes.  If you are interested, please let Angela or Jen know by April as elections will be held in May.
We hope you can join us in welcoming our guests Wendy Foster-Birch and Mad About Patchwork Monday evening.
See you then!